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- What will you do with the rest of your life? is a television series in its second season for and about baby boomers ages 40 through 100+ who defy traditional stereotypes about retirement, candidly share their challenges and solutions, and choose to thrive. We’ve renamed these trailblazers The Leading Gen!®.

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Episode 7: Four people, ages 14-76, share their new adventures. Gino Roncelli, age 75, son of immigrants of modest means, works to become a multi-millionaire. Aerospace engineer Dick Knapp, age 76, now helps children learn to build and fly model airplanes. “Tommy,” a child with super capabilities, talks about Dick’s help. Joyce Johns, age 75, “gives back” to society by volunteering at a shelter for the homeless.

The programs from Series I and II have been shown to 3-6 million viewers on public television stations across the USA, parts of Canada, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands. The programs from both series have been repeated over 16,000 times!

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